Why Rocklyn Capital for Loan Buyers?

Building loan portfolios through whole-loan purchases and committing to syndicated credit facilities is a profitable and efficient strategy. Significant benefits include a quick targeted deployment of capital, minimal prospecting costs and the ability to manage portfolio diversification (industry, loan type, fixed/floating, etc.).

Many lenders originate loans to sell as a business strategy. Large and small financial institutions sell loans to reduce concentrations, recycle capital, reduce criticized assets or to respond to regulatory pressure. Rocklyn Capital provides investors access to routine issuers and sellers of off-market loans from small, medium sized and national lenders. Additionally, Rocklyn’s established relationships with the nation’s top loan syndication desks offer clients the ability to make commitments to new syndicated credit facilities.


Rocklyn provides unique access to transactions from small, medium and national financial institutions. With a primary focus on the Pacific Northwest, our lenders are looking for a confidential and reliable buyer to sell their assets.

  • Realistic expectations: Rocklyn works with sellers that have a realistic understanding of the current market and pricing.
  • Complete Transparency: Better information provides more certainty leading to less risk and a more successful transaction. Rocklyn understands the demand for transparency and requires it’s sellers to provide the information needed to make a successful purchase.

Syndicated C&I Loans:

Rocklyn sources syndicated commercial & industrial (C&I) loans for bank clients. Working with the nation’s top syndication desks, Rocklyn provides clients access to bank meetings for newly syndicated C&I loans. Syndications can be targeted based on the borrower’s location, credit quality, pricing and structure. Rocklyn then provides underwriting support to meet syndication timelines and reduce internal distraction.

  • Benefits of growing C&I with syndicated loans: Portfolio diversification, floating rate exposure, strong borrowers with rated credit quality, immediate access to loans (no prospecting costs), and loans can be sold later to manage portfolio balances and recycle capital.
  • Benefits of committing to the primary syndication:  Committing to a primary syndication allows the bank to be a direct signer on the loan documents which is always preferred over purchasing a participation in another bank’s loan. Compared to a secondary purchase, a primary syndication provides improved pricing with higher upfront fees, superior information including a fresh bank book and access to management and the agent, and liquidity with the broadest access to future buyers (secondary participations have limited buyers).